Perl One-Liners

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Part of the fun of programming in Perl lies in tackling tedious tasks with short, efficient, and reusable code. Often, the perfect tool is the one-liner, a small but powerful program that fits in one line of code and does one thing really well.

In Perl One-Liners, author and impatient hacker Peteris Krumins takes you through more than 100 compelling one-liners that do all sorts of handy things, such as manipulate line spacing, tally column values in a table, and get a list of users on a system. This cookbook of useful, customizable, and fun scripts will even help hone your Perl coding skills, as Krumins dissects the code to give you a deeper understanding of the language.

You’ll find one-liners that:

Encode, decode, and convert strings
Generate random passwords
Calculate sums, factorials, and the mathematical constants π and e
Add or remove spaces
Number lines in a file
Print lines that match a specific pattern
Check to see if a number is prime with a regular expression
Convert IP address to decimal form
Replace one string with another
And many more! Save time and sharpen your coding skills as you learn to conquer those pesky tasks in a few precisely placed keystrokes with Perl One-Liners.


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