MEAN Web Development



Book Description

MEAN is a potent combination of leading JavaScript tools – MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node – which offers an innovative and unique approach to modern web development. As the first guide to MEAN, MEAN Web Development provides you with everything you need to get to grips with MEAN and to create your own complete MEAN applications. Written by Amos Haviv, creator of MEAN.js and, this web development book is a vital addition to any developer’s library. By taking you through the individual components of a MEAN stack, you are able to explore this valuable JavaScript web development stack in depth, while also making use of actionable guidance that focuses on applying the knowledge you learn to real-world development tasks and challenges.

Explore each of the components of MEAN, and uncover their unique individual features before going further to find out how they work together to create a really powerful application. Start scaffolding your MEAN architecture with effective modules and discover how to add real-time functionality to your applications with You’ll also learn techniques for testing your MEAN applications, along with effective tricks and tips for successfully debugging – with MEAN Web Development you can be sure that you have everything you need to build complete MEAN applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Harness the power of the JavaScript ecosystem to run, build, and test your MEAN application
  • Use MongoDB to store and retrieve your application’s data
  • Explore Node.js and uncover steps to create a Node application
  • Get to grips with Angular and discover how to integrate applications into your MEAN project
  • Connect an Express application to MongoDB using the Mongoose module
  • Use to create real-time communication between your client and server
  • Tricks, tools and strategies for testing and debugging MEAN applications


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