iOS Swift Game Development Cookbook, 2nd Edition



Ready to make amazing games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch? With Apple’s Swift programming language, it’s never been easier. This updated cookbook provides detailed recipes for a managing wide range of common iOS game-development issues, ranging from 2D and 3D math to SpriteKit and OpenGL to performance—all revised for Swift.

You get simple, direct solutions to common problems found in iOS game programming. Need to figure out how to give objects physical motion, or want a refresher on gaming-related math problems? This book provides sample projects and straightforward answers. All you need to get started is some familiarity with iOS development, Swift, and Objective-C.

  • Design the architecture and code layout of your game
  • Build and customize menus with UIKit
  • Detect and respond to user input
  • Use techniques to play sound effects and music
  • Learn different ways to store information for later use
  • Create 2D graphics with SpriteKit
  • Create 3D graphics with SceneKit
  • Add two-dimensional physics simulation
  • Learn beginning, intermediate, and advanced 3D graphics with OpenGL
  • Create challenges with artificial intelligence
  • Take advantage of game controllers and external displays


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