jQuery in Action, 3rd Edition



About the book

Thanks to jQuery, no one remembers the bad old days when programmers manually managed browser inconsistencies, CSS selectors support, and DOM navigation, and when every animation was a frustrating exercise in raw JavaScript. The elegant, intuitive jQuery library beautifully manages these concerns, and jQuery 3 adds even more features to make your life as a web developer smooth and productive.

jQuery in Action, Third Edition, is a fast-paced guide to jQuery, focused on the tasks you’ll face in nearly any web dev project. In it, you’ll learn how to traverse the DOM, handle events, perform animations, write jQuery plugins, perform Ajax requests, and even unit test your code. Its unique Lab Pages anchor each concept in real-world code. This expanded Third Edition adds new chapters that teach you how to interact with other tools and frameworks and build modern single-page web applications.

What’s inside

  • Updated for jQuery 3
  • DOM manipulation and event handling
  • Animations and effects
  • Advanced topics including Unit Testing and Promises
  • Practical examples and labs

About the reader

Readers are assumed to have only beginning-level JavaScript knowledge.

About the authors

Bear Bibeault is coauthor of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Ajax in Practice and Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action. Yehuda Katz is an early contributor to jQuery and co-creator of Ember.js. Aurelio De Rosa is a full-stack web developer who contributes to various open source projects and a member of the jQuery content team.


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