Agile Metrics in Action



About the book

The iterative nature of agile development is perfect for experience-based, continuous improvement. Tracking systems, test and build tools, source control, continuous integration, and other built-in parts of a project lifecycle throw off a wealth of data you can use to improve your products, processes, and teams. The question is, how to do it?

Agile Metrics in Action teaches you how. This practical book is a rich resource for an agile team that aims to use metrics to objectively measure performance. You’ll learn how to gather the data that really count, along with how to effectively analyze and act upon the results. Along the way, you’ll discover techniques all team members can use for better individual accountability and team performance.

What’s inside

  • Use the data you generate every day from CI and Scrum
  • Improve communication, productivity, transparency, and morale
  • Objectively measuring performance
  • Make metrics a byproduct of your development process

About the reader

Practices in this book will work with any development process or tool stack. For code-based examples, this book uses Groovy, Grails, and MongoDB.

About the author

Christopher Davis has been a software engineer and team leader for over 15 years. He has led numerous teams to successful delivery using agile methodologies.


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