Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native

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What is it?

A comprehensive tutorial-style eBook that gets you from zero to native iOS app development with JavaScript in no time.

For whom is it intended?

The ideal reader of this book comes from a web-centric JavaScript background (for example by having worked with jQuery before), but not necessarily with any previous experience in using React on the web.

You might have played with the thought of starting iOS app development, but hesitate to jump ships towards Object-C programming.

With this book, you can leverage your JavaScript experience and be a highly productive app developer from day one, thanks to the React Native framework developed by Facebook which allows to create blazingly fast and fluid native iOS apps by writing JavaScript code.

If you did some JavaScript programming before and want to become a mobile app developer, then this book is for you. It introduces everything that is needed to work with the React Native JavaScript framework in an easy-to-follow and comprehensive manner.

What will be covered in the book?

In the course of the book, the reader will build a full-fledged native mobile app, learning about each React Native framework detail on the way to the final product. Furthermore, the reader will be introduced to every tool and all JavaScript language constructs needed to fully master software development with React Native: JSX, ECMAScript 6, the CSS Flexbox system, Xcode®, Node.js and NPM, utilities like watchman, and more.

When and how will the book be available?

This book is currently work in progress and due to be released in the next couple of weeks. It will be available as a completely DRM-free package in PDF, ePub and Kindle format. Once bought, customers will receive any future updates to the book for free.

And what about Android app development?

Facebook will release React Native for Android app development later this year. Once it is available, this book will be updated accordingly, and will then cover iOS as well as Android development. Once you’ve bought, all book updates are free of charge, so you will get the Android update as soon as it is available, for free, no matter when you buy.


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