Meteor in Action



About the technology

You might call Meteor a reactive, isomorphic, full-stack web development framework. Or, like most developers who have tried it, you might just call it awesome. Meteor is a JavaScript-based framework for both client and server web and mobile applications. Meteor applications react to changes in data instantly, so you get impossibly responsive user experiences, and the consistent build process, unified front- and back-end package system, and one-command deploys save you time at every step from design to release.

About the book

Meteor in Action teaches you full-stack web development with Meteor. It starts by revealing the unique nature of Meteor’s end-to-end application model. Through real-world scenarios, you’ll dive into the Blaze templating engine, discover Meteor’s reactive data sources model, learn routing techniques, and practice managing users, permissions, and roles. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy Meteor on your server and scale efficiently.

What’s inside

  • Building your first real-time application
  • Using MongoDB and other reactive data sources
  • Creating applications with Iron Router
  • Deploying and scaling your applications

About the reader

Readers need to know the basics of JavaScript and understand general web application design.

About the authors

Stephan Hochhaus and Manuel Schoebel are veteran web developers who have worked with Meteor since its infancy.


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