Designing Products People Love



How can you create products that successfully find customers? With this practical book, you’ll learn from some of the best product designers in the field, from companies like Facebook and LinkedIn to up-and-coming contenders. You’ll understand how to discover and interpret customer pain, and learn how to use this research to guide your team through each step of product creation.

Written for designers, product managers, and others who want to communicate better with designers, this book is essential reading for anyone who contributes to the product creation process.

  • Understand exactly who your customers are, what they want, and how to build products that make them happy
  • Learn frameworks and principles that successful product designers use
  • Incorporate five states into every screen of your interface to improve conversions and reduce perceived loading times
  • Discover meeting techniques that Apple, Amazon, and LinkedIn use to help teams solve the right problems and make decisions faster
  • Design effective interfaces across different form factors by understanding how people hold devices and complete tasks
  • Learn how successful designers create working prototypes that capture essential customer feedback
  • Create habit-forming and emotionally engaging experiences, using the latest psychological research


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