The essentials of Object Oriented PHP



Obviously, this book is for procedural PHP developers who want to improve their skills and take their programming development to a new level. It is also for programmers who have a very basic understanding of object oriented PHP, but who want to learn it properly and get more practice.

Others who will benefit are those programmers who have a background in other objected oriented languages like C++ and Java.

So, in summary, the book is for existing programmers who want to learn object oriented PHP as a new skill.

As already established, this book is designed for existing programmers who want to expand their skill set with object oriented PHP. As a result it is written in a learn-then-practice form.

Every principle, idea or process is described in a simple and concise way. It is easy to read as there is no superfluous text. The flow is also structured so that the reader develops hooks to hang additional knowledge on as their understanding grows and develops.

The material is accompanied by relevant and elucidating code examples for improved understanding.

Once the foundations are laid, the learner gets a plethora of opportunities to practice and bring the material to life. In the practice opportunities, the learner is guided through the process of writing code examples that are based on what he has just learned. This is where proper understanding develops as the learner repeatedly gets a chance to practice what he has just learned.

It is not a passive learning tool. This book is designed to give developers knowledge and skills in object oriented PHP quickly. That is achieved through active learning where programmers think for themselves while reading the explanations and examples and practicing the material.

So, to get the most from this book, approach it with an open mind and be ready to get involved. By doing this you will get a good understanding of object oriented PHP with sufficient knowledge and confidence to apply it practically in your work.


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