High Performance iOS Apps



Ready to build mobile apps that out-perform the rest? If you’re an iOS developer with app-building experience, this practical guide provides tips and best practices to help you solve many common performance issues. You’ll learn how to design and optimize iOS apps that deliver a smooth experience even when the network is poor and memory is low.

Today’s picky users want fast and responsive apps that don’t hog resources. In this book, author Gaurav Vaish demonstrates methods for writing optimal code from an engineering perspective, using reusable Objective-C code that you can use right away. Up your game and create high-performance native iOS apps that truly stand out from the crowd.

  • Measure key performance indicators—attributes that constitute and affect app performance
  • Write efficient apps by minimizing memory and power consumption, and explore options for using available CPU cores
  • Optimize your app’s lifecycle and UI, as well as its networking, data sharing, and security features
  • Learn about application testing, debugging and analysis tools, and monitoring your app in the wild
  • Collect data from real users to analyze app usage, identify bottlenecks, and provide fixes
  • Use iOS 9 upgrades to improve your app’s performance


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