Introducing Elixir, 2nd Edition, Early Release



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Smooth, powerful, and small, the Elixir programming language is an excellent place for newcomers to learn about functional programming. This book shows readers how Elixir combines the robust functional programming of Erlang with an approach that looks more like Ruby. Readers will learn how Elixir simplifies some of Erlang’s odder corners and reaches toward metaprogramming with powerful macro features.

Introducing Elixer is ideal for developers new to programming as well as experienced developers who want to move into functional programming.

  • Get comfortable with IEx, Elixir’s command line interface
  • Become familiar with Elixir’s basic structures by working with numbers
  • Discover atoms, pattern matching, and guards: the foundations of your program structure
  • Delve into the heart of Elixir processing with recursion, strings, lists, and higher-order functions
  • Create processes, send messages among them, and apply pattern matching to incoming messages
  • Store and manipulate structured data with Erlang Term Storage (ETS) and the Mnesia database
  • Build resilient applications with the Open Telecom Platform (OTP)
  • Define macros with Elixir’s meta-programming tools


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