How Software Works

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We use software every day to perform all kinds of magical, powerful tasks. It’s the force behind stunning CGI graphics, safe online shopping, and speedy Google searches. Software drives the modern world, but its inner workings remain a mystery to many.

How Software Works explains how computers perform common-yet-amazing tasks that we take for granted every day. Inside you’ll learn:

  • How data is encrypted
  • How passwords are used and protected
  • How computer graphics are created
  • How video is compressed for streaming and storage
  • How data is searched (and found) in huge databases
  • How programs can work together on the same problem without conflict
  • How data travels over the Internet

How Software Works breaks down these processes with patient explanations and intuitive diagrams so that anyone can understand-no technical background is required, and you won’t be reading through any code. In plain English, you’ll examine the intricate logic behind the technologies you constantly use but never understood.

If you’ve ever wondered what really goes on behind your computer screen, How Software Works will give you fascinating look into the software all around you.


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