Type-Driven Development with Idris



About the technology

Stop fighting type errors! Type-driven development is an approach to coding that embraces types as the foundation of your code – essentially as built-in documentation your compiler can use to check data relationships and other assumptions. With this approach, you can define specifications early in development and write code that’s easy to maintain, test, and extend. Idris is a Haskell-like language with first-class, dependent types that’s perfect for learning type-driven programming techniques you can apply in any codebase.

About the book

Type-Driven Development with Idris teaches you how to improve the performance and accuracy of your code by taking advantage of a state-of-the-art type system. In this book, you’ll learn type-driven development of real-world software, as well as how to handle side effects, interaction, state, and concurrency. By the end, you’ll be able to develop robust and verified software in Idris and apply type-driven development methods to other languages.

What’s inside

  • Understanding dependent types
  • Types as first-class language constructs
  • Types as a guide to program construction
  • Expressing relationships between data

About the reader

Written for programmers with knowledge of functional programming concepts.

About the author

Edwin Brady leads the design and implementation of the Idris language.


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