Spring MVC: Beginner’s Guide, 2nd Edition



Book Description

Spring MVC helps you build flexible and loosely coupled web applications. The Spring MVC Framework is architected and designed in such a way that every piece of logic and functionality is highly configurable. Also, Spring can integrate effortlessly with other popular web frameworks such as Struts, WebWork, Java Server Faces, and Tapestry.

The book progressively teaches you to configure the Spring development environment, architecture, controllers, libraries, and more before moving on to developing a full web application. It begins with an introduction to the Spring development environment and architecture so you’re familiar with the know-hows. From here, we move on to controllers, views, validations, Spring Tag libraries, and more. Finally, we integrate it all together to develop a web application. You’ll also get to grips with testing applications for reliability.

What You Will Learn

  • Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the Spring 4.X development environment
  • Understand web application architecture and the Spring MVC request flow
  • Integrate bean validation and custom validation
  • Use error handling and exception resolving
  • Get to grips with REST-based web service development and Ajax
  • Test your web application


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