Juniper MX Series, 2nd Edition

Juniper MX Series, 2nd Edition


Discover why routers in the Juniper MX Series—with their advanced feature sets and record-breaking scale—are so popular among enterprises and network service providers. This revised and expanded edition shows you step-by-step how to implement high-density, high-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet services, using advanced firewall filters, redundant inline services, powerful CoS tool sets, and many other Juniper MX features.

This second edition was written by a Senior NOC Engineer, whose vast experience with the MX Series is well documented. Each chapter covers a specific Juniper MX vertical and includes review questions to help you test what you’ve learned. This edition includes new chapters on load balancing and vMX—Juniper MX’s virtual instance.

  • Discover Junos architecture, MX chassis, and Trio Linecards
  • Work with Juniper MX’s bridging, VLAN VXLAN, and virtual switches
  • Create a firewall filter framework and discover the latest flexible filtering options
  • Secure your router and add an extra layer of security with Junos DDOS protection and SCFD feature
  • Discover the advantages of hierarchical scheduling, ingress queuing, and flexible remarking
  • Combine Juniper MX routers, using a virtual chassis or MC-LAG
  • Understand and use classical and advanced Trio Chipset’s load balancing features
  • Dive into Trio inline services such as inline NAT, redundant logical tunnel, or filter-based GRE tunnel
  • Discover vMX internal architecture and explore the benefits and typical use case of a virtual router


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