Angular in Action

Angular in Action


About the technology

Angular makes it easy to deliver amazing web apps. This powerful JavaScript platform provides the tooling to man- age your project, libraries to help handle most common tasks, and a rich ecosystem full of third-party capabilities to add as needed. Built with developer productivity in mind, Angular boosts your efficiency with a modern component architecture, well-constructed APIs, and a rich community.

About the book

Angular in Action teaches you everything you need to build production-ready Angular applications. You’ll start coding immediately, as you move from the basics to advanced techniques like testing, dependency injection, and performance tuning. Along the way, you’ll take advantage of TypeScript and ES2015 features to write clear, well-architected code. Thoroughly practical and packed with tricks and tips, this hands-on tutorial is perfect for web devs ready to build web applications that can handle whatever you throw at them.

What’s inside

  • Spinning up your first Angular application
  • A complete tour of Angular’s features
  • Comprehensive example projects
  • Testing and debugging
  • Managing large applications

About the reader

Written for web developers comfortable with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

About the author

Jeremy Wilken is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, Web Technologies, and Google Assistant. He has many years of experience building web applications and libraries for eBay, Teradata, and VMware.


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