Get Programming with Haskell

Get Programming with Haskell


About the technology

Programming languages often differ only around the edges—a few keywords, libraries, or platform choices. Haskell gives you an entirely new point of view. To the software pioneer Alan Kay a change in perspective can be worth 80 IQ points, and Haskellers agree on the dramatic benefits of thinking the Haskell way—thinking functionally, with type safety, mathematical certainty, and more. In this hands-on book, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do.

About the book

Get Programming with Haskell leads you through short lessons, examples, and exercises designed to make Haskell your own. It has crystal-clear illustrations and guided practice. You will write and test dozens of interesting programs and dive into custom Haskell modules. You will gain a new perspective on programming plus the practical ability to use Haskell in the everyday world. (The 80 IQ points: not guaranteed!)

What’s inside

  • Thinking in Haskell
  • Functional programming basics
  • Programming in types
  • Real-world applications for Haskell

About the reader

Written for readers who know one or more programming languages.

About the author

Will Kurt currently works as a data scientist. He writes a blog at, explaining data science to normal people.


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