OpenShift in Action

OpenShift in Action


About the technology

Containers let you package everything into one neat place, and with Red Hat OpenShift you can build, deploy, and run those packages all in one place! Combining Docker and Kubernetes, OpenShift is a powerful platform for cluster management, scaling, and upgrading your enterprise apps.

About the book

OpenShift in Action is a full reference to Red Hat OpenShift that breaks down this robust container platform so you can use it day-to-day. Starting with how to deploy and run your first application, you’ll go deep into OpenShift. You’ll discover crystal-clear explanations of namespaces, cgroups, and SELinux, learn to prepare a cluster, and even tackle advanced details like software-defined networks and security, with real-world examples you can take to your own work. It doesn’t matter why you use OpenShift—by the end of this book you’ll be able to handle every aspect of it, inside and out!

What’s inside

  • Written by lead OpenShift architects
  • Rock-solid fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Keep mission-critical applications up and running
  • Manage persistent storage

About the reader

For DevOps engineers and administrators working in a Linux-based distributed environment.

About the authors

Jamie Duncan is a cloud solutions architect for Red Hat, focusing on large-scale OpenShift deployments. John Osborne is a principal OpenShift architect for Red Hat.


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