Functional Programming in C#

Functional Programming in C#


About the technology

Functional programming changes the way you think about code. For C# developers, FP techniques can greatly improve state management, concurrency, event handling, and long-term code maintenance. And C# offers the flexibility that allows you to benefit fully from the application of functional techniques. This book gives you the awesome power of a new perspective.

About the book

Functional Programming in C# teaches you to apply functional thinking to real-world problems using the C# language. You’ll start by learning the principles of functional programming and the language features that allow you to program functionally. As you explore the many practical examples, you’ll learn the power of function composition, data flow programming, immutable data structures, and monadic composition with LINQ.

What’s inside

  • Write readable, team-friendly code
  • Master async and data streams
  • Radically improve error handling
  • Event sourcing and other FP patterns

About the reader

Written for proficient C# programmers with no prior FP experience.

About the author

Enrico Buonanno studied computer science at Columbia University and has 15 years of experience as a developer, architect, and trainer.


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