Nim in Action

Nim in Action


About the technology

Nim is a multi-paradigm programming language that offers powerful customization options with the ability to compile to everything from C to JavaScript. It can be used in any project and illustrates that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for expressiveness!

About the book

Nim in Action is your guide to application development in Nim. You’ll learn how Nim compares to other languages in style and performance, master its structure and syntax, and discover unique features. By carefully walking through a Twitter clone and other real-world examples, you’ll see just how Nim can be used every day while also learning how to tackle concurrency, package finished applications, and interface with other languages. With the best practices and rich examples in this book, you’ll be able to start using Nim today.

What’s inside

  • Language features and implementation
  • Nimble package manager
  • Asynchronous I/O
  • Interfacing with C and JavaScript
  • Metaprogramming

About the reader

For developers comfortable with mainstream languages like Java, Python, C++ or C#.

About the author

Dominik Picheta is one of the principal developers of Nim and author of the Nimble package manager.


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