Design It!

Design It!


Great software comes from great designers. Learn the essential software architecture fundamentals every programmer needs to know. With hands-on examples in every chapter, tips and advice from respected architects, practical scenarios, and dozens of architectural design activities, Design It! shows you how to lead your team as a software architect to create excellent software.

Uncover the big ideas behind software architecture and learn practical methods for designing software systems big and small. Gain a framework for thinking about design, enabling you to plan, lead, design, implement, and evaluate software architectures. Collaborate with your team, stakeholders, and other architects. Dig for architecturally significant requirements and write detailed quality attribute scenarios. Explore design alternatives, balance trade-offs, manage risks, and choose technologies based on their architectural impact. Make the architecture real for everyone with powerful sketches, engaging stories, and lean documentation people love to read. Evaluate your designs using lightweight methods and harness the power of your team to improve the architecture over time. Host collaborative workshops that create buy-in and get the whole team excited and involved in designing the software architecture.

Hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and practical team-based decision-making tools will give you the experience you need to become a confident software architect.


Michael Keeling is an experienced software architect, agile practitioner, and programmer. He has worked on a variety of software systems including combat systems, search applications, web apps, and IBM Watson. When not doing software stuff, Michael enjoys hiking, running, cooking, and camping.


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