5G-Enabled Internet of Things

5G-Enabled Internet of Things
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How the enabling technologies in 5G as an integral or as a part can seamlessly fuel the IoT revolution is still very challenging. This book presents the state-of-the-art solutions to the theoretical and practical challenges stemming from the integration of 5G enabling technologies into IoTs in support of a smart 5G-enabled IoT paradigm, in terms of network design, operation, management, optimization, and applications. In particular, the technical focus covers a comprehensive understanding of 5G-enabled IoT architectures, converged access networks, smart network management, and emerging applications of 5G-eabled IoT.

Table of Contents

Part 1: 5G-enabled Internet of Things Architecture and Related Technologies. 1. 5G Cloud, Mobile and Edge Computing for IoT. 2. The IoT Technological Landscape Towards 5G. 3. Emerging Challenges and Requirements for IoT In 5G. 4. NFV-based Internet of Things in 5G Networks. 5. Exploring next generation IoT in 5G Era. Part 2: 5G Access Network for Internet of Things. 6. 5G Small Cells: The Harbinger of IoT and Connected Living. 7. Mobile Edge Computing for 5G Internet of Things. 8. Millimeter Wave 5G-Enabled Internet of Things. 9. Algorithms and Performance Analysis for Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and Broadband LTE Coexisting System. 10. IoT Wireless Spectrum Sharing for Radio Access. 11. Random Access Modeling for Cellular-based Massive IoT. 12. Achieving Scalability in 5G-enabled IoT. Part 3: Privacy and Security Issues. 13. Privacy and Security Issues in 5G-enabled IoT. 14. Privacy Preserving Techniques for 5G-Enabled LBSs. 15. Blockchain Technology for 5G-enabled IoT Systems: Principle, Applications and Challenges. Part 4: Emerging Applications of 5G-enabled Internet of Things. 16. On Searching for the IoT Resources: Requirements and Outlook. 17. Applications of IoT and Fog Computing for Community Safety towards 5G Era. 18. Tactile Internet over FiWi enhanced LTE-A HetNets via Artificial Intelligence Embedded Multi-Access Edge-Computing. 19. Smart Power Management Internet of Things System with 5G and LoRa Hybrid Wireless Networks.


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