Vue.js in Action

Vue.js in Action
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Web pages are rich with data and graphics, and it’s challenging to maintain a smooth and quick user experience. Vue.js in Action teaches you how to build a fast, flowing web UI with the Vue.js framework. As you move through the book, you’ll put your skills to practice by building a complete web store application with product listings, a checkout process, and an administrative interface.

about the technology

Vue.js is a lightweight frontend framework, offering easy two-way data binding, a reactive UI, and a common-sense project structure. It uses UI patterns and modern HTML to deliver impossibly fast page loads and silky smooth transitions—all from a tiny code footprint. It’s a delight to develop in Vue using ordinary JavaScript and its integrated Vuex state management tool.

about the book

Vue.js in Action is your guide to building modern web apps. You’ll start by exploring the reactive UI model while you get comfortable with Vue’s unique features. Then, you’ll go deeper as you build a shopping cart with an admin interface and the ability to manage stock! Finally, you’ll extend your app, adding transitions, tests, and other key features until it’s production ready.

what’s inside

  • Clearly annotated code and illustrations
  • Modeling data and consuming APIs
  • Easy state management with Vuex
  • Creating custom directives

about the reader

Written for web developers with some experience in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

about the authors

Erik Hanchett and Benjamin Listwon are experienced web engineers and fearless explorers of new ideas.


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