Zero to AI

Zero to AI
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How can artificial intelligence transform your business? In Zero to AI, you’ll explore a variety of practical AI applications you can use to improve customer experiences, optimize marketing, help you cut costs, and more. In this engaging guide written for business leaders and technology pros alike, authors and AI experts Nicolò Valigi and Gianluca Mauro use fascinating projects, hands-on activities, and real-world explanations to make it clear how your business can benefit from AI.

about the technology

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence has made some impressive headlines recently, from besting chess and Go grand masters to producing uncanny deep fakes that blur the lines of reality. But what can AI do for you? If you want to understand how AI will impact your business before you invest your time and money, this book is for you.

about the book

Zero to AI uses clear examples and jargon-free explanations to show the practical benefits of AI. Each chapter explores a real-world case study demonstrating how companies like Google and Netflix use AI to shape their industries. You begin at the beginning, with a primer on core AI concepts and realistic business outcomes. To help you prepare for the transition, the book breaks down a successful AI implementation, including advice on hiring the right team and making decisions about resources, risks, and costs.

what’s inside

  • Identifying where AI can help your organization
  • Designing an AI strategy
  • Evaluating project scope and business impact
  • Using AI to boost conversion rates, curate content, and analyze feedback
  • Understanding how modern AI works and what it can/can’t do

about the reader

For anyone who wants to gain an understanding of practical artificial intelligence and learn how to design and develop projects with high business impact.

about the authors

Gianluca Mauro and Nicolò Valigi are the cofounders of AI Academy, a company specializing in AI trainings and consulting.


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