Docker Deep Dive

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Where would you be if you hadn’t surfed the virtualization wave? Probably not a good place! Well… another wave is on us – the containerization wave – and if you don’t surf this one you’re probably gonna drown. This book is your instruction manual on how to surf the containerization wave!

About the Book

Starting from scratch, you’ll learn what containers are, how to start them, stop them, and delete them. You’ll learn how to run applications in them and manage it all at scale. You’ll also learn the theory of how it all works and plugs together behind the scenes so that you don’t just know the right commands, but you also know what’s going on behind the scenes.

The book is up to date with all of the latest core technologies from Docker, Inc.

About the Author

Nigel Poulton

Nigel is a self confessed technology addict hell-bent on creating the best Docker and container learning resources on the planet. He is the author of over 16 video training courses at, with more than 6 of them on Docker and cloud technologies. He also wrote the book on Data Storage Networking (a well written witty book on one of the most boring subjects on the planet). He lives in the UK and supports a terrible soccer team, but lives it large in the container ecosystem. He also co-hosts the weekly In Tech We Trust podcast.


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