Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials

Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials
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Up to date fot iOS 13, Swift 5.1 and Xcode 11

This book will teach you to build realistic and immersive AR experiences for the Apple platform.

Learn Augmented Reality for the Apple Platform!

This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands-on experience using Apple frameworks and technologies like Reality Composer, RealityKit, and ARKit!

Our older book, ARKit by Tutorials, is a collection of ARKit-specific projects for creating various real-world AR experiences. It’s also important to point out that, in that book, there’s a focus around SceneKit as the primary rendering technology.

Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials was developed after Apple announced RealityKit and Reality Composer. Instead of just focusing on one rendering technology, the book focuses on all the available rendering technologies Apple has to offer. This not only includes the new RealityKit, but also SceneKit and SpriteKit too. The book includes a collection of fresh new projects for creating various real-world AR experiences.

This book is a successor to ARKit by Tutorials, not an update to that book. Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials provides the readers with a single, unified path to all of Apple’s available AR technologies that includes ARKit, RealitKit and Reality Composer.

Who this book is for

This book is for beginner to intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of Swift development and are looking to build immersive AR experiences for the Apple platform.

Topics Covered in Apple AR by Tutorials

  • AR Quick Look: Discover how to integrate AR Quick Look into your apps to give them some cool AR superpowers.
  • Reality Composer & Reality Files: Find out how to leverage the power of Reality Composer to create interactive AR-based experiences.
  • Reality Converter & PBR Materials: Discover how PBR materials can add a level of realism to your AR objects, and how you can use Reality Converter to convert, view and customize USDZ content.
  • RealityKit: Find out how to set up and use RealityKit to build a face-based augmented reality app.
  • Facial Blend Shapes: Build a fully interactive augmented reality face mask that reacts to your facial expressions using blend shapes.
  • ARKit: Get a complete introduction to ARKit, Apple’s framework for creating fully interactive augmented reality, and learn about the different types of rendering options available with ARKit.
  • Raycasting & Physics: Learn about raycasting, 2D hit-testing and the SpriteKit physics engine as you add more features and functionality to your game.
  • ECS & Collaborative Experiences: Build a collaborative AR experience and learn how to create and manage a multipeer connection.

After reading this book, you’ll have a deep understanding of the technologies and frameworks used to create powerful, immersive AR experiences for the Apple platform.


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