Python Workout

Python Workout
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The only way to master a skill is to practice. In Python Workout, author Reuven M. Lerner guides you through 50 carefully selected exercises that invite you to flex your programming muscles. As you take on each new challenge, you’ll build programming skill and confidence. The thorough explanations help you lock in what you’ve learned and apply it to your own projects. Along the way, Python Workout provides over four hours of video instruction walking you through the solutions to each exercise and dozens of additional exercises for you to try on your own.

about the technology

To become a champion Python programmer you need to work out, building mental muscle with your hands on the keyboard. Each carefully selected exercise in this unique book adds to your Python prowess—one important skill at a time.

about the book

Python Workout presents 50 exercises that focus on key Python 3 features. In it, expert Python coach Reuven Lerner guides you through a series of small projects, practicing the skills you need to tackle everyday tasks. You’ll appreciate the clear explanations of each technique, and you can watch Reuven solve each exercise in the accompanying videos.

what’s inside

  • 50 hands-on exercises and solutions
  • Coverage of all Python data types
  • Dozens more bonus exercises for extra practice

about the reader

For readers with basic Python knowledge.

about the author

Reuven M. Lerner teaches Python and data science to companies around the world.


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