Modern Fortran

Modern Fortran
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Using Fortran, early and accurate forecasts for hurricanes and other major storms have saved thousands of lives. Better designs for ships, planes, and automobiles have made travel safer, more efficient, and less expensive than ever before. Using Fortran, low-level machine learning and deep learning libraries provide incredibly easy, fast, and insightful analysis of massive data. Fortran is an amazingly powerful and flexible programming language that forms the foundation of high performance computing for research, science, and industry. And it’s come a long, long way since starting life on IBM mainframes in 1956. Modern Fortran is natively parallel, so it’s uniquely suited for efficiently handling problems like complex simulations, long-range predictions, and ultra-precise designs. If you’re working on tasks where speed, accuracy, and efficiency matter, it’s time to discover—or re-discover—Fortran..

about the technology

For over 60 years Fortran has been powering mission-critical scientific applications, and it isn’t slowing down yet! Rock-solid reliability and new support for parallel programming make Fortran an essential language for next-generation high-performance computing. Simply put, the future is in parallel, and Fortran is already there.

about the book

Modern Fortran teaches you to develop fast, efficient parallel applications using twenty-first-century Fortran. In this guide, you’ll dive into Fortran by creating fun apps, including a tsunami simulator and a stock price analyzer. Filled with real-world use cases, insightful illustrations, and hands-on exercises, Modern Fortran helps you see this classic language in a whole new light.

what’s inside

  • Fortran’s place in the modern world
  • Working with variables, arrays, and functions
  • Module development
  • Parallelism with coarrays, teams, and events
  • Interoperating Fortran with C

about the reader

For developers and computational scientists. No experience with Fortran required.

about the author

Milan Curcic is a meteorologist, oceanographer, and author of several general-purpose Fortran libraries and applications.


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