JUnit in Action, 3rd Edition

JUnit in Action, 3rd Edition
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JUnit is the gold standard for unit testing Java applications. Filled with powerful new features designed to automate software testing, JUnit 5 boosts your productivity and helps avoid debugging nightmares. Whether you’re just starting with JUnit or you want to ramp up on the new features, JUnit in Action, Third Edition has you covered. Extensively revised with new code and new chapters, JUnit in Action, Third Edition is an up-to-date guide to smooth software testing. Dozens of hands-on examples illustrate JUnit 5’s innovations for dependency injection, nested testing, parameterized tests, and more. Throughout, you’ll learn how to use JUnit 5 to automate your testing, for a process that consumes less resources, and gives you more time for developing.

about the technology

The JUnit framework is the gold standard for unit testing Java applications—and knowing it is an essential skill for Java developers. The latest version, JUnit 5, is a total overhaul, now supporting modern Java features like Lambdas and Streams.

about the book

JUnit in Action, Third Edition has been completely rewritten for this release. The book is full of examples that demonstrate JUnit’s modern features, including its new architecture; nested, tagged, and dynamic tests; and dependency injection. You’ll benefit from author Cătălin Tudose’s unique “pyramid” testing strategy, which breaks the testing process into layers and sets you on the path to bug-free code creation.

what’s inside

  • Migrating from JUnit 4 to 5
  • Effective test automation
  • Test-driven development and behavior-driven development
  • Using mocks for test isolation
  • Connecting JUnit 5 with Maven or Gradle

about the reader

For intermediate Java developers.

about the authors

Cătălin Tudose has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and over 15 years of experience as a Senior Java Developer and Technical Team Lead. Previous editions were authored by Petar Tahchiev, Felipe Leme, Gary Gregory, and Vincent Massol.


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