Server-Side Swift with Vapor, 3rd Edition

Server-Side Swift with Vapor, 3rd Edition
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Up to date for Vapor 4, Swift 5.2, Xcode 11.4 & iOS 13.4

Learn how to build web apps and web APIs using Swift and the Vapor 4 framework!

If you’re a beginner to web development, but have worked with Swift for some time, you’ll find it’s easy to create robust, fully featured web apps and web APIs with Vapor 4.

Whether you’re looking to create a backend for your iOS app, or want to create fully-featured web apps, Vapor is the perfect platform for you.

This book starts with the basics of web development and introduces the basics of Vapor; it then walks you through creating APIs and web backends; creating and configuring databases; deploying to Heroku, AWS, or Docker; testing your creations and more!

Who is this book for

This book is for iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development and want to transfer that knowledge to writing server based applications.

Concepts covered in this book

  • HTTP
  • Fluent
  • Controllers
  • Leaf
  • Middleware

Version history

Third Edition – Early Acess 1 · iOS 13, Swift 5.2 – Vapor 4 Framework, Xcode 11.4
v3.0.ea1 · Jan 1 2020 · Logan Wright, Tanner Nelson, Jonas Schwartz & Tim Condon


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