Crypto Dictionary

Crypto Dictionary
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Expand your mind and your crypto knowledge with the ultimate desktop dictionary for all things cryptography. Written by a renowned cryptographer for experts and novices alike, Crypto Dictionary is rigorous in its definitions, yet easy to read and laced with humor. Flip to any random page to find something new, interesting, or mind-boggling, such as:

  • A survey of crypto algorithms both widespread and niche, from RSA and DES to the USSR’s GOST cipher
  • Trivia from the history of cryptography, such as the MINERVA backdoor in Crypto AG’s encryption algorithms
  • An explanation of why the reference to the Blowfish cipher in the TV show 24 makes absolutely no sense
  • Types of cryptographic protocols like zero-knowledge; security; and proofs of work, stake, and resource
  • A polemic against referring to cryptocurrency as “crypto”
  • Discussions of numerous cryptographic attacks, including slide and biclique

The book also looks toward the future of cryptography, with discussions of the threat quantum computing poses to current cryptosystems and a nod to post-quantum algorithms, such as lattice-based cryptographic schemes.

With hundreds of incisive entries organized alphabetically, Crypto Dictionary is the crypto go-to guide you’ll always want within reach.

Author Bio

Jean-Philippe (JP) Aumasson is the Chief Security Officer and cofounder of Taurus Group, a Swiss financial tech company specializing in digital assets infrastructure. Since 2006, he has authored more than 60 research articles in the field of cryptography and designed the widely used hash functions BLAKE2 and SipHash. The author of the acclaimed book Serious Cryptography (No Starch Press, 2017), he speaks regularly at information security and technology conferences.


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