React Hooks in Action

React Hooks in Action
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Build stylish, slick, and speedy-to-load user interfaces in React without writing custom classes. React Hooks are a new category of functions that help you to manage state, lifecycle, and side effects within functional components. React Hooks in Action teaches you to use pre-built hooks like useState, useReducer and useEffect to build your own hooks. Your code will be more reusable, require less boilerplate, and you’ll instantly be a more effective React developer.

about the technology

Get started with React Hooks and you’ll soon have code that’s better organized and easier to maintain. React Hooks are targeted JavaScript functions that let you reuse and share functionality across components. Use them to split components into smaller functions, manage state and side effects, and access React features without classes—all without having to rearrange your component hierarchy.

about the book

React Hooks in Action teaches you to write fast and reusable React components using Hooks. You’ll start by learning to create component code with Hooks. Next, you’ll implement a resource booking application that demonstrates managing local state, application state, and side effects like fetching data. Code samples and illustrations make learning Hooks easy.

what’s inside

  • Build function components that access React features
  • Manage local, shared, and application state
  • Explore built-in, custom, and third-party hooks
  • Load, update, and cache data with React Query
  • Improve page and data loading with code-splitting and React Suspense

about the reader

For beginning to intermediate React developers.

about the author

John Larsen has been a teacher and web developer for over 20 years, creating apps for education and helping students learn to code. He is the author of Get Programming with JavaScript.


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