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Hello Web Design
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Hello Web Design teaches design principles, handy shortcuts, and quick solutions to common problems, so you can learn the fundamentals of design and get ahead in your career.

Using real-world examples and fun, beginner-friendly language, Hello Web Design offers everything you need to feel comfortable creating landing pages, presentation slides, online portfolios, and more, all in a beautiful package. From color theory and typography to the end user’s experience, designer and developer Tracy Osborn gives you the tools and shortcuts you need to get started with web design—right now.

Author Bio

Tracy Osborn has a B.F.A. in Art & Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She’s been building and designing websites for over 20 years, primarily working with startups and small firms until she founded her own startup. She writes technical books on the side, teaching beginner web skills on Hello Web Books (https://hellowebbooks.com). Osborn has been a keynote speaker at many conferences.


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