Distributed Services with Go

Distributed Services with Go
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This is the book for Gophers who want to learn how to build distributed systems. You know the basics of Go and are eager to put your knowledge to work. Build distributed services that are highly available, resilient, and scalable. This book is just what you need to apply Go to real-world situations. Level up your engineering skills today.

Take your Go skills to the next level by learning how to design, develop, and deploy a distributed service. Start from the bare essentials of storage handling, work your way through networking a client and server, turn that single-node application into a distributed system with service discovery and consensus, and then deploy your service to the cloud. All this will make coding in your day job or side projects easier, faster, and more fun.

Create your own distributed services and contribute to open source projects. Build networked, secure clients and servers with gRPC. Gain insights into your systems and debug issues with observable services instrumented with metrics, logs, and traces. Operate your own Certificate Authority to authenticate internal web services with TLS. Automatically handle when nodes are added or removed to your cluster with service discovery. Coordinate distributed systems with replicated state machines powered by the Raft consensus algorithm. Lay out your applications and libraries to be modular and easy to maintain. Write CLIs to configure and run your applications. Run your distributed system locally and deploy to the cloud with Kubernetes. Test and benchmark your applications to ensure they’re correct and fast.

Dive into writing Go and join the hundreds of thousands who are using it to build software for the real world.

What You Need

Go 1.13+ and Kubernetes 1.16+


Travis Jeffery is a Canadian software maker and writer. He’s created software since 2001; hacked on open source projects like Jocko, Timecop, Mocha; and built several startups from the ground up, including Segment and Confluent.


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