Hardcore Programming for Mechanical Engineers

Hardcore Programming for Mechanical Engineers
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What if you could solve challenging engineering problems with Python programming? With this book’s hardcore approach, you’ll learn how to code solutions from scratch using linear algebra, geometry, and physics to write custom libraries, draw primitives, and build applications.

Ángel Sola Orbaiceta covers core programming techniques for mechanical engineers, with a focus on crafting high-quality code and leveraging automated unit testing for error-free implementations. You’ll develop a geometry toolbox, filling it with lines and shapes to diagram engineering problems; create vector graphics and animations for mechanical simulations; and code algorithms to perform complex calculations. As a capstone you’ll combine these lessons to build a complete structural analysis application to solve a 2D truss problem that you might encounter in the field.

Learn how to:

  • Use regular expressions to elegantly parse file input
  • Refine your code with unit testing, encapsulation, and descriptive names
  • Draw images onscreen and create animations with Tkinter’s Canvas widget
  • Solve systems of linear equations using the Cholesky decomposition algorithm
  • Build an application that visualizes a truss structure’s stresses and strains

Stop relying on third-party software—there are no shortcuts on the path to proficiency. With Hardcore Programming for Mechanical Engineers, you’ll hone your programming skills to get correct results every time.

Author Bio

Angel Sola Orbaiceta has been working in the software industry since 2013. He has a degree in industrial engineering with a focus in mechanics and currently works at Glovo, a thriving start-up in the heart of Barcelona. Angel is also the creator of InkStructure, an application for architecture and engineering students that solves 2D structure problems.


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