Rust in Action

Rust in Action
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Rust in Action introduces the Rust programming language by exploring numerous systems programming concepts and techniques. You’ll be learning Rust by delving into how computers work under the hood. You’ll find yourself playing with persistent storage, memory, networking and even tinkering with CPU instructions. The book takes you through using Rust to extend other applications and teaches you tricks to write blindingly fast code. You’ll also discover parallel and concurrent programming. Filled to the brim with real-life use cases and scenarios, you’ll go beyond the Rust syntax and see what Rust has to offer in real-world use cases.

This book is one of two products included in the Getting Started with Rust bundle. Get the entire bundle for only $61.99.

about the technology

Rust is the perfect language for systems programming. It delivers the low-level power of C along with rock-solid safety features that let you code fearlessly. Ideal for applications requiring concurrency, Rust programs are compact, readable, and blazingly fast. Best of all, Rust’s famously smart compiler helps you avoid even subtle coding errors.

about the book

Rust in Action is a hands-on guide to systems programming with Rust. Written for inquisitive programmers, it presents real-world use cases that go far beyond syntax and structure. You’ll explore Rust implementations for file manipulation, networking, and kernel-level programming and discover awesome techniques for parallelism and concurrency. Along the way, you’ll master Rust’s unique borrow checker model for memory management without a garbage collector.

what’s inside

  • Elementary to advanced Rust programming
  • Practical examples from systems programming
  • Command-line, graphical and networked applications

about the reader

For intermediate programmers. No previous experience with Rust required.

about the author

Tim McNamara uses Rust to build data processing pipelines and generative art. He is an expert in natural language processing and data engineering.


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