Haskell in Depth

Haskell in Depth
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Turn the corner from “Haskell student” to “Haskell developer.” Haskell in Depth explores the important language features and programming skills you’ll need to build production-quality software using Haskell. And along the way, you’ll pick up some interesting insights into why Haskell looks and works the way it does. Get ready to go deep!

about the technology

Software for high-precision tasks like financial transactions, defense systems, and scientific research must be absolutely, provably correct. As a purely functional programming language, Haskell enforces a mathematically rigorous approach that can lead to concise, efficient, and bug-free code. To write such code you’ll need deep understanding. You can get it from this book!

about the book

Haskell in Depth unlocks a new level of skill with this challenging language. Going beyond the basics of syntax and structure, this book opens up critical topics like advanced types, concurrency, and data processing. You’ll discover key parts of the Haskell ecosystem and master core design patterns that will transform how you write software.

what’s inside

  • Building applications, web services, and networking apps
  • Using sophisticated libraries like lens, singletons, and servant
  • Organizing projects with Cabal and Stack
  • Error-handling and testing
  • Pure parallelism for multicore processors

about the reader

For developers familiar with Haskell basics.

about the author

Vitaly Bragilevsky has been teaching Haskell and functional programming since 2008. He is a member of the GHC Steering Committee.


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