Learning Test-Driven Development

Learning Test-Driven Development
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Your code is a testament to your skills as a developer. No matter what language you use, code should be clean, elegant, and uncluttered. By using test-driven development (TDD), you’ll write code that’s easy to understand, retains its elegance, and works for months, even years, to come. With this indispensable guide, you’ll learn how to use TDD with three different languages: Go, JavaScript, and Python.

Author Saleem Siddiqui shows you how to tackle domain complexity using a unit test-driven approach. TDD partitions requirements into small, implementable features, enabling you to solve problems irrespective of the languages and frameworks you use. With Learning Test-Driven Development at your side, you’ll learn how to incorporate TDD into your regular coding practice.

This book helps you:

Use TDD’s divide-and-conquer approach to tame domain complexity
Understand how TDD works across languages, testing frameworks, and domain concepts
Learn how TDD enables continuous integration
Support refactoring and redesign with TDD
Learn how to write a simple and effective unit test harness in JavaScript
Set up a continuous integration environment with the unit tests produced during TDD
Write clean, uncluttered code using TDD in Go, JavaScript, and Python


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