Modern Concurrency in Swift

Modern Concurrency in Swift
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Up to date for iOS 15, macOS 12 & Swift 5.5

Master Swift’s new concurrency model!

For years, writing powerful and safe concurrent apps with Swift could easily turn into a daunting task, full of race conditions and unexplained crashes hidden in a massive nesting of callback closures.

In Swift 5.5, Apple introduced a new concurrency model featuring the async/await syntax, to let you write asynchronous code that reads like synchronous code. But like any new feature, here be dragons! So how will you achieve the much-desired mastery of Modern Swift Concurrency?

Modern Concurrency in Swift is here for the rescue, showcasing everything you need to know about async/await, tasks, actors, and everything in between!

Who is this book for

This book is for intermediate Swift developers who are familiar with writing asynchronous applications, but want to leverage the new concurrency features in Swift 5.5 to write safer and more predictable asynchronous apps.

Concepts covered in this book

  • Using async/await
  • Actors
  • Tasks
  • Task Groups
  • Custom Asynchronous Sequences
  • Testing Asynchronous Code


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