The Book of Inkscape, 2nd Edition

The Book of Inkscape, 2nd Edition
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Dmitry Kirsanov, a former core Inkscape developer, shares his knowledge of Inkscape’s inner workings as he shows how to use Inkscape to draw with various tools, work with objects, apply realistic and artistic effects, and more. Step-by-step task-based tutorials show you how to create business cards, animations, technical and artistic drawings, and graphic assets for games.

This second edition covers the new tools, improved text features, advanced new path effects and filters, as well as many new UI conveniences in Inkscape 1.0. A new chapter describes Inkscape’s extensions for both users and developers.

Author Bio

Dmitry Kirsanov is an author, developer, and graphic designer. For many years, he was a core Inkscape developer and added many features to the program while making its UI more fluent and flexible. He currently works as an XML/SVG developer and web developer; in his spare time, he writes and edits books for IT publishers.


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