Android Animations by Tutorials

Android Animations by Tutorials
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Up to date for AS Arctic Fox, Kotlin 1.5 & Android 12

This is a book about creating meaningful motion through animation in Android for developers who are familiar with the platform but want to create more visually stunning apps. Starting with simple view animations, this book will move through transition animations including shared element animations, list animations, gestures and scrolling. It ends with a taste of using animations in Jetpack Compose.

Who is this book for

This is a book for intermediate developers who know the fundamentals of the Android SDK but are looking for ways to create a beautiful UI with meaningful motion. You should be familiar with the basics of Android development with Kotlin and how to use common Android SDK features. Knowledge about good coding practices is helpful.

Concepts covered in this book

  • Value Animators
  • Object Animators
  • View Animations
  • Interpolators
  • Custom View Animations
  • XML Animations
  • anim
  • animator
  • Transitions Animations
  • Navigation Component XML Transitions
  • Element Transitions
  • Circular Reveal
  • List Animations
  • ItemTouchHelper Animations
  • Drag and Drop Gesture Animations
  • Scrolling Animations
  • Swipe Animations
  • Collapsing Toolbar Animations
  • Jetpack Compose Animations


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