Software Telemetry

Software Telemetry


In Software Telemetry you will learn how to:

  • Manage toxic telemetry and confidential records
  • Master multi-tenant techniques and transformation processes
  • Update to improve the statistical validity of your metrics and dashboards
  • Make software telemetry emissions easier to parse
  • Build easily-auditable logging systems
  • Prevent and handle accidental data leaks
  • Maintain processes for legal compliance
  • Justify increased spend on telemetry software

Software Telemetry teaches you best practices for operating and updating telemetry systems. These vital systems trace, log, and monitor infrastructure by observing and analyzing the events generated by the system. This practical guide is filled with techniques you can apply to any size of organization, with troubleshooting techniques for every eventuality, and methods to ensure your compliance with standards like GDPR.

about the technology

Take advantage of the data generated by your IT infrastructure! Telemetry systems provide feedback on what’s happening inside your data center and applications, so you can efficiently monitor, maintain, and audit them. This practical book guides you through instrumenting your systems, setting up centralized logging, doing distributed tracing, and other invaluable telemetry techniques.

about the book

Software Telemetry shows you how to efficiently collect, store, and analyze system and application log data so you can monitor and improve your systems. Manage the pillars of observability—logs, metrics, and traces—in an end-to-end telemetry system that integrates with your existing infrastructure. You’ll discover how software telemetry benefits both small startups and legacy enterprises. And at a time when data audits are increasingly common, you’ll appreciate the thorough coverage of legal compliance processes, so there’s no reason to panic when a discovery request arrives.

what’s inside

  • Multi-tenant techniques and transformation processes
  • Toxic telemetry and confidential records
  • Updates to improve the statistical validity of your metrics and dashboards
  • Revisions that make software telemetry emissions easier to parse

about the reader

For software developers and infrastructure engineers supporting and building telemetry systems.

about the author

Jamie Riedesel is a staff engineer at Dropbox with over twenty years of experience in IT.


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