Kubernetes Security and Observability

Kubernetes Security and Observability


Securing, observing, and troubleshooting containerized workloads on Kubernetes can be daunting. It requires a range of considerations, from infrastructure choices and cluster configuration to deployment controls and runtime and network security. With this practical book, you’ll learn how to adopt a holistic security and observability strategy for building and securing cloud native applications running on Kubernetes.

Whether you’re already working on cloud native applications or are in the process of migrating to its architecture, this guide introduces key security and observability concepts and best practices to help you unleash the power of cloud native applications. Authors Brendan Creane and Amit Gupta from Tigera take you through the full breadth of new cloud native approaches for establishing security and observability for applications running on Kubernetes.

  • Learn why you need a security and observability strategy for cloud native applications and determine your scope of coverage
  • Understand key concepts behind the book’s security and observability approach
  • Explore the technology choices available to support this strategy
  • Discover how to share security responsibilities across multiple teams or roles
  • Learn how to architect Kubernetes security and observability for multicloud and hybrid environments


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