Unity Apprentice

Unity Apprentice


Up to date for C# & Unity 2020.3

In this book, you’ll learn how to build 3D games using Unity – one of the most popular cross-platform game engines available today. The book will first describe the most commonly used features of the Unity Editor and the Unity Hub. It’ll then go on to describe how you build three separate, but related, games that collectively cover the most important aspects of game development. These include scene creation, detecting and managing collisions, user interface design and building, scripting, navigation, camera control, object pooling and animation. The book also describes some of the best practices you should use to get the best out of Unity, and how to make your games run in the most efficient way, enabling you to focus on the fun part: making a great game that your players will enjoy!

Who is this book for

The book is for anyone who wants to build a 3D game with the Unity game engine.

Concepts covered in this book

  • The Unity Editor
  • The Unity Hub
  • GameObjects
  • Prefabs
  • GameObject Templates
  • Scripting with C#
  • Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Collisions
  • User Interface Design
  • Scriptable Objects
  • NavMeshes
  • Nav Mesh Agents
  • AI Navigation
  • Cinemachine
  • CinemachineBrain
  • Virtual Cameras
  • Asynchronous Functions
  • Coroutines
  • Object Pooling
  • Animation Concepts
  • Animator Component
  • Scriptable Objects


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