PostGIS in Action, 3rd Edition

PostGIS in Action, 3rd Edition


In PostGIS in Action, Third Edition you will learn:

  • An introduction to spatial databases
  • Geometry, geography, raster, and topology spatial types, functions, and queries
  • Applying PostGIS to real-world problems
  • Extending PostGIS to web and desktop applications
  • Querying data from external sources using PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers
  • Optimizing queries for maximum speed
  • Simplifying geometries for greater efficiency

PostGIS in Action, Third Edition teaches readers of all levels to write spatial queries for PostgreSQL. You’ll start by exploring vector-, raster-, and topology-based GIS before quickly progressing to analyzing, viewing, and mapping data. This fully updated third edition covers key changes in PostGIS 3.1 and PostgreSQL 13, including parallelization support, partitioned tables, and new JSON functions that help in creating web mapping applications.

about the technology

PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL. It offers the features and firepower you need to take on nearly any geodata task. PostGIS lets you create location-aware queries with a few lines of SQL code, then build the backend for mapping, raster analysis, or routing application with minimal effort.

about the book

PostGIS in Action, Third Edition shows you how to solve real-world geodata problems. You’ll go beyond basic mapping, and explore custom functions for your applications. Inside this fully updated edition, you’ll find coverage of new PostGIS features such as PostGIS Window functions, parallelization of queries, and outputting data for applications using JSON and Vector Tile functions.

what’s inside

  • Fully revised for PostGIS version 3.1 and PostgreSQL 13
  • Optimize queries for maximum speed
  • Simplify geometries for greater efficiency
  • Extend PostGIS to web and desktop applications

about the reader

For readers familiar with relational databases and basic SQL. No prior geodata or GIS experience required.

about the author

Regina Obe and Leo Hsu are database consultants and authors. Regina is a member of the PostGIS core development team and the Project Steering Committee.


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