Security as Code

Security as Code


DevOps engineers, developers, and security engineers have ever-changing roles to play in today’s cloud native world. In order to build secure and resilient applications, you have to be equipped with security knowledge. Enter security as code.

In this book, authors BK Sarthak Das and Virginia Chu demonstrate how to use this methodology to secure any application and infrastructure you want to deploy. With Security as Code , you’ll learn how to create a secure containerized application with Kubernetes using CI/CD tooling from AWS and open source providers.

This practical book also provides common patterns and methods to securely develop infrastructure for resilient and highly available backups that you can restore with just minimal manual intervention.

  • Learn the tools of the trade, using Kubernetes and the AWS Code Suite
  • Set up infrastructure as code and run scans to detect misconfigured resources in your code
  • Create secure logging patterns with CloudWatch and other tools
  • Restrict system access to authorized users with role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Inject faults to test the resiliency of your application with AWS Fault Injector or open source tooling
  • Learn how to pull everything together into one deployment


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