SurviveJS – Webpack 5

SurviveJS - Webpack 5


Webpack, a module bundler, is a powerful tool that helps you to develop complex web applications. “SurviveJS – Webpack” is meant for beginner to intermediate users of the tool that want to understand webpack better.

About the Book

“SurviveJS – Webpack” has been built around a tutorial during which you develop a complex configuration while covering different facets of webpack. The 45 short chapters and seven appendices work as a reference you can use while developing your web applications. Also available as a paperback.

Even though the book has been designed around webpack, many of the techniques covered go beyond it. You will learn to improve the quality of your code while becoming aware of optimization techniques that help you to deliver more performant web applications.

The book was developed in collaboration with the webpack community, and its structure has evolved accordingly. A third of royalties go to Tobias Koppers, the author of the tool. The writer is a core developer of webpack so by purchasing this book you will support the effort in multiple ways.

The content has been split as below:

  • Foreword by Tobias Koppers, the author of webpack
  • Preface by Juho Vepsäläinen, the author of the book and a core developer of webpack
  • What is Webpack? – Learn what makes webpack tick
  • Developing – Set up a development environment on top of webpack
  • Styling – Load and manage styles while learning about topics like autoprefixing and eliminating unused CSS
  • Loading Assets – Load different asset types and process them
  • Building – Write initial build with webpack and learn techniques like bundle and code splitting
  • Optimizing – Learn to optimize the build results by minifying, tree shaking, and other techniques
  • Output – Understand webpack’s output formats
  • Techniques – Learn specific techniques related to topics such as testing and consuming packages
  • Extending – Extend webpack with loaders and plugins
  • Conclusion – Recap core techniques
  • Appendices – Learn how webpack compares with other tools, how to set up Hot Module Replacement, troubleshoot webpack


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