Data Management at Scale, 2nd Edition

Data Management at Scale, 2nd Edition


As data management continues to evolve rapidly, managing all of your data in a central place, such as a data warehouse, is no longer scalable. Today’s world is about quickly turning data into value. This requires a paradigm shift in the way we federate responsibilities, manage data, and make it available to others. With this practical book, you’ll learn how to design a next-gen data architecture that takes into account the scale you need for your organization.

Executives, architects and engineers, analytics teams, and compliance and governance staff will learn how to build a next-gen data landscape. Author Piethein Strengholt provides blueprints, principles, observations, best practices, and patterns to get you up to speed.

  • Examine data management trends, including regulatory requirements, privacy concerns, and new developments such as data mesh and data fabric
  • Go deep into building a modern data architecture, including cloud data landing zones, domain-driven design, data product design, and more
  • Explore data governance and data security, master data management, self-service data marketplaces, and the importance of metadata


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