Jetpack Compose by Tutorials, 2nd Edition

Jetpack Compose by Tutorials, 2nd Edition


Up to date for Kotlin 1.7, Android 13, Android Studio Dolphin

In this book, you’ll learn how to build a powerful app using Jetpack Compose, how to style your apps using Material Design, special animations and state transitions, how to use modifiers and much more! This book will serve you as a central point that holds all the information you need to dive deep into Jetpack Compose, then apply it to your personal and production level projects.

You’ll focus on learning Jetpack Compose not only through theory, but also through real-world project examples.

After reading this book, you’ll become a true expert on the topic and you’ll learn how to switch your mindset and start to think in Jetpack Compose and declarative programming.

Who is this for?

This book is for intermediate Android developers, who are looking to expand their knowledge of the UI toolkit and add more tools to build beautiful interfaces to their belt, with Jetpack Compose. It’s also for advanced developers who are well versed with the legacy Android Toolkit and possibly know something about Jetpack Compose, but haven’t had the time to dive deep into the topic and explore more advanced concepts of Compose such as state handling, connecting the declarative UI to application architecture pattern, using animations and more.

Covered concepts

  • Jetpack Compose Fundamentals
  • Composable Functions
  • Modifiers
  • Recomposition
  • Jetpack Compose UI Tree
  • Jetpack Compose State
  • Dynamic Composable Functions
  • Building Lists in Jetpack Compose
  • Combining Composables
  • Jetpack Compose State Handling
  • Material Design Composable Functions
  • Material Design Modifiers
  • ConstraintLayout in Jetpack Compose
  • Complex Jetpack Compose UI
  • Jetpack Compose Lifecycle
  • Effects
  • Jetpack Compose Animation API
  • Property Animations
  • Transitions
  • Prop Keys
  • View Toolkit Backwards Compatibility
  • Glances
  • UI Testing
  • Accessibility


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