Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics


Over the past 10 years, data analytics and data visualization have become essential components of an enterprise information strategy. And yet, the adoption of data analytics has remained remarkably static, reaching no more than 30% of potential users. This book explores the most important techniques for taking that adoption further: embedding analytics into the workflow of our everyday operations.

Authors Donald Farmer and Jim Horbury show business users how to improve decision making without becoming analytics specialists. You’ll explore different techniques for exchanging data, insights, and events between analytics platforms and hosting applications. You’ll also examine issues including data governance and regulatory compliance and learn best practices for deploying and managing embedded analytics at scale.

  • Learn how data analytics improves business decision making and performance
  • Explore advantages and disadvantages of different embedded analytics platforms
  • Develop a strategy for embedded analytics in an organization or product
  • Define the architecture of an embedded solution
  • Select vendors, platforms, and tools to implement your architecture
  • Hire or train developers and architects to build the embedded solutions you need
  • Understand how embedded analytics interacts with traditional analytics


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